Monday, May 11, 2009

The Jack Hammer Experience!

OK, so we have been talking about getting rid of the front step for about 6 months, the first step in many to renovate and landscape our front yard.
Step 1 - Front step
Step 2 - Render brick work
Step 3 - Turn remaining step into nice timber step
Step 4 - Rip up driveway and get nice new driveway
Step 5 - Make gardens nicer & bigger with cool plants and stuff

Here's some photo's from Step 1.

Me Jack hammering, it's sorta fun at the start!

Me still jack hammering!

Missed a few photo's here, but this is the skip full of concrete and dirt rubble mix

Still heaps of dirt and broken tiles and bricks to shovel

When I finished shovelling the skip was literally filled to the edge

So we finally got it done. I highly recommend to never do a job like this yourself. It is fun at the start (like the first 30 minutes) but after jack hammering for 11 hours, shovelling for 4 hoursit really starts to suck! I'll get better photo's of the remaining steps on the way to re-decorating the front.

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