Friday, August 13, 2010

Time for an over haul or an update....

OK, so I'll update. Went to Bali. Was a fun trip. Will post some pix one day.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Thought I'd see if the blog had been updated but apparently thats something I need to do. I finished the new front step from my last post so I'll post some pix in the next day or so.

Not much been happening here. Been busy at work but that should get a little better from this week onwards. Also been getting heaps of waves. Thinking about Buller or Falls in the coming weeks which should be good.

I doubt anyone reads this anyway so I'm just typing any crap.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Jack Hammer Experience!

OK, so we have been talking about getting rid of the front step for about 6 months, the first step in many to renovate and landscape our front yard.
Step 1 - Front step
Step 2 - Render brick work
Step 3 - Turn remaining step into nice timber step
Step 4 - Rip up driveway and get nice new driveway
Step 5 - Make gardens nicer & bigger with cool plants and stuff

Here's some photo's from Step 1.

Me Jack hammering, it's sorta fun at the start!

Me still jack hammering!

Missed a few photo's here, but this is the skip full of concrete and dirt rubble mix

Still heaps of dirt and broken tiles and bricks to shovel

When I finished shovelling the skip was literally filled to the edge

So we finally got it done. I highly recommend to never do a job like this yourself. It is fun at the start (like the first 30 minutes) but after jack hammering for 11 hours, shovelling for 4 hoursit really starts to suck! I'll get better photo's of the remaining steps on the way to re-decorating the front.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Banff - The First Post

OK, so my camera charger wasn't working so I couldn't upload the start of our trip. You will see it's the most boring post but finishes it off.

So below are some shots that shows our journey and early happenings.

On our way - Melbourne departures

Sue and Jamie picked us up - Off to Banff - Somehow I scored shotgun!

The drive from Calgary to Banff. Pretty rad, you can see the Rockys in the distance.

We stopped to checkout Lake Minawonka and build a snow man and saw a massive Elk which was cool. I got real excited but when I got to Banff I found they cruise around everywhere.

We figured that the snowman had been done to death so we built a replica of......Scale 10:1

We make it to Banff - Mountains everywhere around the town it was amazing!

I had to logo up our new home

Then we got stuck into the duty free booze and rocked out to Guitar Hero, but still crashed sorta early cos the snow forecast was looking good.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sunshine - A little update

Here's a little update. Been riding bluebird days at Sunshine. Been super fun just cruising around the hill finding fun stuff to hit up. 
So this is the Sunshine park. So many features you don't know what line to take, but which ever one it is turns out to be sick! 

Group shot, all sporting Anon goggles of course!

JR in the park

Harmless promotion!

A quick sip of Backflip juice.....See below, maybe drank a little too much!


Sunday, April 5, 2009


What can I say...this mountain is amazing!

We headed to Revelstoke for a 3 day mission and scored big time. The day before we got there was apparently the day of the season but the riding was still amazing. This hill offers 5600 vertical feet to shred with most runs averaging 30 to 35 degrees (steep or steeper than Federation). There are 2 quad chairs and a gondola that service as much terrain as Whistler with as many people riding as Baw Baw (I'm guessing about 60 people seriously). Also hit up the 15km run from top to bottom which was fun for about half of it, but the aussie legs struggled towards the bottom. It had heaps of hits along the walls all the way.

So first day we scored crazy fresh in and out of the trees plus ridiculously long groomers that hadn't hardly been ridden on. Jibs everywhere, tree rides, powder slashed in powder stashes, drops this mountain has everything. It continued to snow for most of the day.

2nd day I went Cat Boarding while the others rode the hill and it was mental. I got 8 runs in the day, 16,000 vertical feet of powder in some of the steepest terrain I've ever ridden powder. The vertical is about the equivalent to 13 runs down Little Buller Spur top to bottom. See the clip for a couple pix. The others rode the hill again and had a ball as it was snowing hard enough to fill tracks.

3rd day we cruised the hill, all with pretty sore legs from the previous 2 days and did some fun drops and tree runs in the pow! All in all was a great trip and we will definately be back. Once the expansion of the hill is finished this will be the new black/Japan etc.

See below for a quick slideshow and a few clips. Look VERY close for Val throwing buckets on a powder face before taking a head dive and Sue also has a good OOPSy at the end.


Had a great day at Sunshine today, bluebird and some good fun jib runs.
I'm still having trouble with the net over here so sorry for lack of updates. Also my camera won't charge so the start of the trip is stuck on it.