Monday, March 30, 2009

Banff - Entry 1

OK, so we made it safely to Banff. Banff is a beautiful town with great people, food, shops and views of some crazy rugged mountains. Sunshine is the locals hill and has some of the most amazing terrain I have ever seen! Soooo much in-bounds crazy stuff to hit up, cliffs, chutes, natural jibs (just like falls) and a ridiculous snowboard park. The park has 12 booters of various sizes, heaps of boxes and some real cool unique stuff like pyramids with like an in built swiss/fit ball on top (weird but fun). There is also this in-bounds area called Delerium Dive where you need full avalanche gear to enter. We are sourcing it later in the week. It's scary shit! Here's some pix and a couple clips.
This is the main street of Banff. if i waited another hour to take the photo it would have been all white!

Things are a bit backwards in Banff!

Cheap Nacho's! Mmmmm.....mexican!

The drive up to Sunshine. These things aren't scared of anything!

The "Gondora" (Ralph) ride up to Sunshine.

Backflip juice! Cheers Shane!

What happens in the Gondola?

Jamie was into it! Got him throwing down all over the hill.

Jamie & Suenami. We are staying with this RAD couple!

Group photo!

Me throwing buckets!

Val is killing it! A big Powder turn Terje style!

Sue sitting on the Great Continental Divide!

Me...Method again out of Terje's book!

JR...sick Frontside 360. Clean as a whistle!

So thats it for now. We are heading to Revelstoke later this week and I'm sure we will have plenty more photo's to share. So far it's been an epic trip! 


Hi Everyone, sorry for no update. We haven't had internet and I'm at a cafe as we speak. But I will try get a proper update done tonight.

Snow has been epic. Val and I are both holding up well. Jet lag is a bitch though! Banff is a great town and we have been shredding Sunshine which is the local hill. It reminds me of a mix between Squaw Valley and Mammoth for those that know. Awesome!

Heading to Revi later this week and Kicking Horse. Revi has the highest vertical drop in Nth America so legs are going to be sore. Will hopefully get to go cat boarding!

Jamie & Sue have been great hosts and there little place is RAD. Check back later for some pix and a video or 2.

Bren & Val

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Moomba - Aboriginal for "Lets get together and have fun" or..."Up ya bottom" depending on who you believe!

So Val & me decided to head into Moomba to checkout the festivities and enjoy what was a perfect suuny Melbourne day. We got the dream car park and headed along Southbank. LOTS of people around. Some were doing just as we were and enjoying the sun while this guy (below) took it that step further.

Sun baking in short bike shorts, like jocks really!

The view during the walk to Moomba...a pretty good looking city!

We checked out the wakeboarding. These guys were good. I've never seen it up close before.

The view from a bridge.

After a long walk we stopped for as cold beer and a hotdog. Then we headed back in the direction of the car. We should have got a photo of the hotdog as that was my favorite part of the day!

Pretended to feed some swans for the camera. People must feed them all the time cos they wouldn't leave me alone.

The Eureka Tower and Sexy Val! We must go up there one day

Val & Me with the city in the background.

I didn't get to skateboard this weekend but got some paddle boarding in and got to hang out with Val so all in all a good weekend.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Right Point

After not doing much all weekend I was really bummed the surf forecast was looking so crap. I started Sunday by going to the GYM with Sexy Val for the first time in a long time which was really fun and then followed that up with some hearty eggs on toast. I then thought I'd check the swell reports and it had come up much more than forecast. So a quick call and Scott and I were on our way.
This was the setup, although it was heaps bigger when we first got out there.

Got a few good waves. Some bigger than others.

Me just before throwing buckets!

This is what you call a slow cut back.

Scott got a few. Here's one where a goat boater dropped in on him. He did well considering his hung over state!

Next weekend is a long one with Monday being labor day so hopefully I'll get another session. I'm also hoping to get the cover off the ramp to dust the cob webs off and maybe do some skateboarding.